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قبل وبعد الولادة
برنامج التمارين المنزلية

Becoming a mother is truly amazing, however it's important to acknowledge that pregnancy and giving birth can be physically demanding on your body. The journey towards regaining physical strength and fitness ais a gradual process that requires patience and perseverance. We got this.....Xo


Subscribing to my Online Studio   will take you through your 5 month Postnatal journey with the option to join Kimmy live in her online classes. However, Here is how your 5 months will go:

12 week core restore program 

Week 9 you will be guided to start Kimmys' 20 days corset abs and pelvic floor program.

Once you have finished your 12 weeks and corset program you will begin:

SHAPE ; Kimmys' 5 week low impact, resistance training program whilst completing short glute and core classes. Booty and Core program.

And then you will be guided to join kimmy in her weekly live / play back schedule.

This is all optional of course, however Kimmy wanted to create a bundle of nurture for your first 5 months as a new mumma, or for any mumma thats just beginning.

" This whole program is just incredible!"

Kimmy has over 40 Pregnancy exercises classes inside Online Studio that are specifically focused on prenatal. However, all classes are provided with modifications. So depending where you are in your pregnancy/ fitness kimmy has you covered.  As always, remember to listen to your body (more than ever) and always leave Kimmys classes feeling like you could have done another 10 more minutes. Here are just a few pregnancy fitness tips: Keep cool during training, take short break when ever you need to and stay hydrated through out.

So when can I start?

My no1 priority is for you to be safe. Please don't rush your recovery- I know us women can get pretty eager however my first advice in those first 6 weeks in to nourish your body with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, good fats and whole grains with as much sleep as possible! Sleep is one of the best healers we can do for ourselves- especially after trauma.

Vaginal birth: 6 weeks +

C-section: 12 weeks

However, please consult your doctor before beginning your journey, and then we are good to go! 

12 week

Core Restore Program

Ideal for new mothers from

6 weeks postpartum.

Full Core restore program- class duration varies through our your program. 3-4 sessions a week- all designed to work your core- pelvic floor, glutes, deep core, back, balance,

inner thighs.

20 Day

Flat Tummy 

Pelvic Floor Program

Suitable for all mothers/women

no matter how old your

children are

Coming Soon

Online Studio

Unlimited Access to all live & on-demand classes

and programs. 

Catch Kimmy daily or in your own time.

Realistic schedule is the key to a healthy life

Bump & Me

Join me in my Online Studio program with UNLIMITED access to all classes and programs.

Once a member- please head to the pregnancy Fit series, Corset abs and Booty programs inside IG @kimmyfitnessonlinestudio

Coming Soon

Unlimited class &
program access

Online Postnatal program: Welcome
Practicing Yoga


Core Restore

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تمرين ما بعد الولادة في المنزل

خلق المزيد من الطاقة! كن اكثر ثقة! أشعر بمظهر جيد من الداخل إلى الخارج!

Online Postnatal program: Welcome
Online Postnatal program: Welcome
Online Postnatal program: Services
Online Postnatal program: Tips & Advice
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