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20 day 'quick fix' Corset Abs technique+ Pelvic Floor restore

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This program is abit of a 'quick fix' quick results in about 6-8 days. You will learn how to engage with your deep abdominals and strengthen your pelvic floor. This program provides my specific incredible technique that teaches you the KEY technique in restoring/ tightening your core quickly post pregnancy/ diastisis recti and can really help with hernia's/ prolapse. Women worldwide have proven this works- whether the transformation happens in here- this program will set you up for life for your own training. All classes are under 8 minutes - with options to do my YouTube Core restore sessions which will really provide maximum benefits. This program is NOT about losing fat, If you are wanting overall exercise classes please Purchase my Online Studio and Begin with my 5 week program called SHAPE, 12 week weighted worx program or join me in my live schedule via Instagram @kimmyfit.onlinestudio If you want to heal Diastisis recti, post pregnancy tummy then you have to learn this and apply this in your other training. Practise Practise and please be patient. Consistency is our KEY. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! You will need a Hand towel & Resistance Band. Some of the classes are standing and some of the classes are on the floor. For Maximum Results - practise TWICE * 2 times * A day!! As stated above add in my 2 core restore and 1 booty session per week for better results. Big love See you soon Xo

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