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Diastisis Recti / Abdominal Seperation

What is Diastsis Recti?
Abdominal separation

This is when our Rectus Abdominis muscles (6 pack abs) are connected by a tissue called the lines alba. The tissue becomes damaged and stretched through pregnancy, leading to separation between our abs. Diastisis Recti.

Can I heal my Diastisis Recti?

Yes you absolutely can. Via the video above the lines alba is like a rubber band so we just need to restore. This will take time - So its not 'just'. 

This depends on the amount of pregnancies you have had. The way you trained in your pregnancy and genetics (however, I do believe in my techniques and all members have proven my work too0. 

Please know this is not a quick fix- it will take time- You have to be patient and learn as much as you can from my programs. Then you can apply all techniques into your other training.

It is a journey- NOT - a destination.

What program will Heal my Diastisis Rect?

This program will teach you everything you need to know to help heal your Abdominal separation. 

You will see and feel the results from my program. Real research from women supporting my method WORKS. 

Check out my trust pilot reviews

This program is ideal for any Mumma' (babies any age) Wanting to strengthen their entire core.

This is incredible for any woman that has had children.

Glutes, Core stability, Prolaspe focus, Back pain, Corset training, posture, alignment-Pilates the list goes on.

This program is just a gift for any mumma.

The ULTIMATE Postpartum Package
12 weeks 
Core Restore & 20 Days Flat Tummy

This program is a combination of Corset training and Core restore. It is designed in a specific way to really give you everything you need post pregnancy. 

This is Just incredible for our body.

Heading 5

12 Week Core Restore

If you have abdominal seperation I really recommend my Core Restore Programme. This can be purchased separately or with my UNLIMITED class access subscription


Kimmy Fitness Live

This subscription allows access to all programmes and classes. 



Check out both platforms for lots of advise and taster classes for Diastisis Recti.

YouTube; kimmyfitness


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