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Онлайн домашни тренировки за жени преди и след раждането Лондон, Великобритания


The Ultimate Home Workout Program for Women 
 Get Fit, Empowered, and Postnatal Strong
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Get Fit, Stay Fit:

Women's Ultimate Home Workouts Online

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Welcome to KimmyFit, where real life meets fitness. As a mum of two, I get it – life gets hectic. That's why I've crafted this Online Studio just for you, so you can get fit on your terms, right from home. No fluff, no fuss, just genuine support. From embracing your own pace to syncing with your unique menstrual rhythm, we keep it real. Specialising in everything from pregnancy to post-birth, Peri- Menopause, let's navigate this journey together. Join me and my women's community for a fitness experience that's as authentic as you are. Your goals, your schedule – let's make it happen!

Get Fit

You Can & You Will

For your convenience; fitness workouts online & in person so you always have the choice.  

Get Online Training

Join My Online Studio via IG

Transform Your Body and Your Life

12 week
Weighted Worx 

Fitness on Yoga Mat

20 Days

Flat Tummy &

Pelvic Floor

Top Selling Programs

From EARLY Post Pregnancy

Join me for 12 transformative weeks, where we'll prioritise strengthening your

beautiful body.

Reconnect and awaken your glutes, back, pelvic floor, and abdominals.

Start at 6 weeks post-vaginal birth or

12 weeks post-C-section.

This program is tailored for postpartum women, my gift to all mothers.

Join me on this journey.

Corset Abdominal Training/

Diastisis Recti/ Tighten Waist

20 Days to work your deepest abdominals & pelvic floor in

under 8 mins a day. Plus external links to maximise your RESULTS!

Focuses solely on abdominals- You will see & feel the difference.

For all women!

Join Now!

Monthly Membership

Ultimate Core and Booty Guide:

Strengthen core and sculpt booty.

  • Perfect for new moms and anyone seeking a strong foundation.

  • Targeted exercises for core repair, glute activation, and strength.

  • Achieve a stronger core, repair postpartum concerns, and enhance curves.

  • Embrace positivity and sustainable fitness.

  • Start your journey now!

Kickstart Program-

A great place to start

A great place to give you the fitness boost you need.

21 days to help you form a habit of self love & sweat.

Every session is under 15 minutes. Fun & Focused.

No jumping options always available 

The Ultimate Women's Abs Challenge

From intense ab workouts to core restore to pilates abs to waist work to cardio abs.

You will get it all- this is def one of a kind and you will benefit everywhere. Every session is under 15 mins.

Modifications are always provided.

12 weeks

Transform your body and your lifestyle. 3 x 30 minute combo exercises which is the secret to burning fat and toning in such a short class.

Join today and let us help you get the results you’ve been dreaming of!

Full Body -

Tone & Sculpt

5 Week program

3-4 workouts a week- all under 25 Minutes.

Yes beginners

Yes postnatal

Yes post injury


Monthly Membership

This subscription gives you online unlimited access to all programs and live, on demand classes. If you are wanting to merge programs together or join kimmy daily this is the best option for you.

Силни жени с техните трансформации.

Техният фитнес път едва започна 

Малко за мен

Кими Ксо

Добре дошли в моя свят. Лудият мумиен живот на две красиви момчета. Занимавам се с фитнес индустрията от около 9 години и развих страстта си към пре и постнаталното здраве и фитнес, докато бях бременна с първия си син (преди около 5 години). Учебниците могат да ви нахранят с това, което науката е доказала, но опитът може да ви позволи да се отнасяте/вършите/да бъдете Вашата работа.
Аз съм доказателството, че и ние, мумиите, можем да получим коремни мускули... моята генетика е панталони, но моята мотивация и сила на волята са безкрайни - честно казано, когато майка ти трябва да изпуснеш парата - и това е здравословен начин да го направиш . Обичам да работя с мами/бъдещи майки. Разбирам натиска, колко взискателно е и може да бъде майчинството. Губя парцела, живея в паркове (не буквално, но ние сме винаги там) и почиствам по 100 пъти на ден. Майчинството е невероятно, вашите бебета ще ви научат да обичате така, както никога досега не сте обичали. Това съм аз, истински супергерой... не просто майка, но се опитвам да бъда винагиКими също.
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