Simple food tips to make your life style healthier

Let’s talk about food…. ♡︎♡︎♡︎

First things first… I am not a nutritionist but I love overall health/wellness ♡︎

Soooo I wanted to share some of my tips with you.. ❥

My Simple Tips ❣︎

♡︎ Look at your ingredients ❥ especially if it says ‘ No Added Sugar’ If it says in the ingredients: sugar… then they have ADDED SUGAR 🤥….

︎♡︎ Read the ingredients —- even compare foods in the shop- especially when it says “low-calorie”or “fat-reduced” because you might just be opting for more sugar & more calories-ergh❣︎

♡︎ Bye Bye Smoothies…. Omg those ‘naked’ drinks- absolutely ditch them— they will incredibly spike your sugar levels! I know some can think fruit smoothies are healthy buttttttt they really aren’t ❣︎ You are so much better off eating some fruit or hit’ a JUICE ❥ 3 veg (green) 1 fruit

♡︎ Whole grain bread over refined - & make sure your bread is made of whole grains ONLY- not a mix… which leads me into:

♡︎ Gluten free… if you eat gluten free to be healthier- it isn’t actually the healthiest option- it can have more sugar/other ingredients- HOWEVER ……..

I absolutely recommend hitting a gluten free diet… (my opinion)…. Unfortunately our foods are NOT produced how they once were ❣︎.. I am mostly gluten free ❥

♡︎ Eat slower….. this will influence how much you actually eat. I get it- we are always rushing(omg mum life- eat as quick as you can 😶)… HOWEVER we really gotta practise eating slower- I’m in!

You know… research has shown that it actually takes about 20 mins for your brain to decide whether you are full or not….. ❣︎ So chew slower… take your time if you can… ❥ If you are not full after 20 mins… grab a plate of veg- sprinkle some seeds on top… I always grab veg if I feel I need more ❣︎

♡︎ Please scrap counting calories- ❣︎ It’s great getting to know foods(maybe two weeks of tracking? At the most)

BUT you do NOT need to weigh your food or log your calories ——You are wayyyyyyyy more than numbers ♥︎ 👑

♡︎ Organic —— if there’s one thing I could do is make alllllll of our food chemical free ❣︎ if you can— please please hit organic/grow our own 😶….

♡︎ Drink Enough Water … I have to throw this in.. make this a priority 2-3 litres a day.. I tell myself- every time I go to the kitchen I have to drink a glass of water 💦 or I use it as an excuse to get up ❥

♡ If you are really hungry… create a bowl of veg before your dinner… I did this last night ❣︎


Most importantly keep your tweaks realistic - Food is a really tough subject- we are all in different places with it… it’s something we can’t live without so somehow we have to find a balance for our inner peace / health.

I will say …. the more you create a realistic change the more you will stick to it ❣︎ and… it’s okay to be a little strict on yourself…. & it’s okay to fall of track… just get back on ♡︎

I hope this helps….


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