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Trimester expectancies with exercise

During your early weeks of pregnancy, you may feel confused whether to continue to exercise. Many continue as normal, whereas many half their normal routine until the second trimester. You can exercise in your first trimester however it is said that you should lower your intensity, the length of aerobic exercise between 4-12 weeks. You may even feel extremely tired that you cannot even think about exercising. It is all down to the individual and how you are feeling.

You will be happy to know that your tiredness' will not last and your energy should pick up around 20 weeks which means you may want to return to your exercise routine with adaptions. 

Some continue as normal from the beginning with pregnancy alterations throughout and others find that they have to completely change their exercise routine from the start to very little or non-existent.  

During your, second-trimester bump will start to appear and you will find that certain exercises will have to change.

In the late second trimester, you find that you can exercise quite comfortable still with some reassurance from movements. 

Early third you will maintain the same as your late second until you reach about 34 weeks where you will need to start making some definite adaptions. however, you should be feeling great still to exercise. Late third you will want to prepare yourself for birth. This is when I would advise that you perform bodyweight exercises and cardio with prenatal pilate movements. I know we mummies' are strong but we do not need to be doing heavyish' weights at the end. It is about preparing for birth and recovery. 

If you would like to work with me during your pregnancy, online/in-person just pop me an email.

Trimester expectancies with health and exercise: Tips & Advice
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