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Womens fitness // Pre and Postnatal  // No jumping effective Exercise // Any age

HiiT, Tabata Hiit, Pilates, Ab workouts, Booty workouts, Aerobics, Body Sculpting workouts, Weights only,

Fun Cardio, Mummy Tummy, Cardio Abs, Weights Cardio & Core, Sock sliding workouts.

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♡ Live Workouts via Instagram @kimmyfitnesslive

♡ Every Workout is available On-Demand

♡ Live workouts at home or take me to the gym

♡ Every workout is saved

♡ Subscription only

♡ Workouts vary from 10 mins to 50 mins

♡ No jumping exercises always provided

No child care needed. No wasting commute time. Literally no wasting any time.

Hit two classes in an hour or maybe just the 30 min workout session.

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"You don't need to do it alone, let me help you and we can do this journey together"


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A Little Bit About Me

Kimmy Xo

Welcome to my world. The crazy mummy life of two beautiful boys. I have been in the fitness industry for about 9 years and developed my passion in pre&postnatal health and fitness whilst pregnant with my first son(about 5 years ago). Textbooks can feed you what science has proven but experience can enable you to relate/do/be Your work.

I am the proof that us mummies can get abs too... my genetics are pants' but my motivation and will power is endless- to be honest when your mum you need to let off steam- and this is a healthy way to do so. I love working with mummies/mums-to-be. I understand the pressures, how demanding motherhood is and can get. I lose the plot, I live in parks (not literally-but we are always there), and I clean up 100 times a day. Motherhood is amazing, your babies will teach you to love like you have never loved before. This is me, a real superhero... not just a mum but trying to always be ​Kimmy too.


London, UK

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