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Booty building kimmyfitness Workout




6 Weeks


Über den Kurs

This course is all about growing glutes and strengthening our legs and booty.
I absolutely love leg days- Cant believe I have condensed a leg session into 50 mins- wow!
I have to tell you- my glutes have never look soooooo good- and yes all of my training is at home via my online exercised classes. @kimmyfitnesslive

So lets jump straight to it- This is all about booty & legs. So you will need some weights for this.
If you are just beginning I would suggest that you purchase 4kgs .
If you have been training for a while- I would suggest getting out of your comfort zone and upping your weights- you can always decrease. But if you want to get stronger & grow your glutes we need to tear our muscle for growth & repair.

8 weeks
2 leg sessions per week (the same leg session)- following week leg session will change slightly but similar- repeat twice in that week.
2 Booty sessions in the same week- these are on the floor and all about glute activation -ouch! its bootiful I promise.
Some of these booty floor sessions will be a combined with back/core etc.

All sessions are full videos from myself- all taken from my online exercise classes - just made into a structured program. Tadaaaaa.

eeeeeeek- enjoy the fire.... and lets work our booty!

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