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The Lower Belly Pooch program

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Introducing "The Lower Belly Pooch Program" - a tailored fitness program designed with busy moms and women in mind, focusing on sculpting the lower abdomen while addressing pelvic floor health. With sessions ranging from 15-25 minutes, this program fits seamlessly into your day, ensuring you have time for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of family life. By incorporating simple equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands, you'll engage in targeted exercises to strengthen your core and address pelvic floor heaviness. Additionally, a dedicated 40-minute Pilates session provides a deep dive into core strength and flexibility. This holistic approach not only enhances body aesthetics but also supports pelvic floor function, empowering you to feel confident and strong from the inside out. Join me and a supportive community of fellow moms on this transformative journey - together, we're achieving life-changing results and reclaiming our vitality.

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플랜 4개 사용 가능, 최저 £22.00/월

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