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S H A P E : 5 Week program - Slim & Toned

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Experience the ultimate 5-week exercise plan to kickstart your fitness journey, whether you're getting started, getting back on track, post-baby, post-injury, or simply in need of guidance as a new member of Kimmy Fitness Online Studio. This program offers 4 sessions per week, all conveniently under 30 minutes. Tune in for all 4 sessions or choose to complete 3 with the 4th as a bonus, giving you the option for extra booty or corset training. It's all about providing you with flexibility and options that suit your unique needs. Rest assured, all classes are suitable for postnatal individuals, and modifications will be provided to ensure there are no jumping exercises. I prioritise your safety and enjoyment throughout the program. And let's not forget, these classes are going to be absolutely amazing! I have put in the work to ensure each session delivers the results you're looking for while keeping you engaged and motivated. While there will be 4 scheduled sessions, we understand that life can be unpredictable. If you can only commit to 3 sessions, that is absolutely okay. I want to make this program work for you and your schedule. To make the most out of the program, here's what you'll need: weights or no equipment (use whatever is available to you), a chair for our dynamic movement, and ankle weights if you want to take it up a notch as we progress through the program. Don't worry if you don't have all the equipment right away. You can visit my shop page for recommendations. This program delivers diverse training- execute strength training with dynamic pilates/barre sessions! You'll also get a no repeats blast- which is everyones favourite. Purchase now and lets get started!

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