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12 week Post Pregnancy: Restore my Core & PF

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Introducing the KimmyFitness 12-Week Rebuild Your Core Program: Embrace Strength and Transformation After Motherhood Are you a mum looking to restore and strengthen your core? Look no further than the KimmyFitness 12-Week Rebuild Your Core Program. This program is specifically designed to help mums like you embrace strength and transformation after motherhood. Whether you're a new mum or have been on the motherhood journey for a while, this program is tailored to meet your unique needs. With 3-4 sessions per week and the option to incorporate corset training every day. If you happen to miss a session or two, it's okay. My program is designed to accommodate the realities of motherhood. You can always catch up on missed sessions or simply let them go without feeling guilty. Your well-being and balance in life is my priority. It's yours for 12 months or as long as you're subscribed to our Online Studio. I want you to have the freedom to access and revisit the program whenever you need it. I believe that rebuilding your core and embracing strength after motherhood is not a quick fix but a lifelong journey. Here's a glimpse of what each session includes: Corset Abs: 6 mins Full: Core restore Under 20 minutes Glutes: Under 20 minutes Pilates: 35 minutes Equipment needed: resistance bands, towel, cushion/Pilates ball. Join my facebook community. Access your program through my user-friendly app, website, or even on our Instagram page @kimmyfitnessonlinestudio.

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