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Snap Back Post Pregnancy is actually possible....?! Has Kimmy fitness actually figured out how?!

Flat Tummy #Postpregnancy in 20 days sounds insane right?! How about #FlatTummy AND pelvic floor restore in 20 days?! #Diastisisrecti exercise that actually works?! YES

Ladies, I have absolutely created GOLD. This program will literally give you everything you need to know to get your tummy flat, Your core Strong and strengthen our daymn pelvic floor.

Whether you get a transformation OR

Your #pelvicfloor finally improves....

This program fricken works! I felt the difference!

So yes ladies, 20 days- 20 consecutive days- All sessions UNDER 8 minutes.

Equipment: Hand Towel and Resistance Band

Ladies, this is what we all deserve. I really wanted to keep every session as short as possible with maximum effort- I believe this is it.

You can try some of the sessions via my YouTube

These are two sessions from my 20 days---- I promise you--- this program will change your life.

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