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Post pregnancy back strengthening | 4 reasons why mothers need to exercise their back

Hey ladies, it's great you are here reading my post about why it's important to strengthen your back post baby. I posted 3 exercises with a resistance band that would really benefit your body especially post baby. Here's the link;

Back pain is probably the most common pain post birth that us women experience and clench butt - I'll post another blog on that one. Anyways ladies, here are several reasons why it is important:

  1. Rebuild strength: During pregnancy, the back muscles can become weakened due to the additional weight of the growing baby and changes in posture. Strengthening your back muscles post-pregnancy can help you regain strength and stability in your core and back, which is essential for good posture and preventing pain or injury.

  2. Improve posture: Pregnancy can cause changes in posture, including an increased curvature of the spine and forward shoulder position. Strengthening your back muscles can help counteract these changes and improve your posture.

  3. Prevent pain and injury: Weak back muscles can lead to pain and injury, especially when combined with the physical demands of caring for a newborn. By working your back, you can reduce your risk of back pain and injury, which can help you take care of your baby more comfortably.

  4. Boost overall fitness: Working your back is an important part of overall fitness and can improve your ability to perform daily activities such as carrying groceries, lifting your baby, and performing household chores.

Overall, working your back post-pregnancy can help you regain strength and mobility, improve your posture, reduce pain and injury, and boost your overall fitness.

See you in class Give this session a try, brilliant for us mothers.


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