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21 day fitness challenge with kimmyfitness - A kickstart forming your healthy habit

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Ahhhhhhhh I get it- to be so motivated all the time to workout seems impossible right?

It is-----

You cannot rely on motivation- It is your habit - your sheer discipline that will soar you through those demotivated times.

Motivation comes and goes but discipline is there.... to stay.

So here-

21 day fitness challenge with myself- kimmy.

Every workout is a video which varies between 10-20 mins- an average of 15 mins.

Hiit, total body, fun cardio, inner thigh, upper body(the best session), no repeats , pilates & more.

I designed this in my online workouts and want to share with you all- so you can kickstart your health journey.

Your body will change, but for me- I want to implant that strong in your mind to make you continue.

21 days- commit to it- for yourself!

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