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NEW- Ultimate Glutes & Core Restore £22 p/m

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Join my exclusive Glute Activation and Core Restore Program! Sign in for your weekly classes and enjoy the convenience of completing them at your own pace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I'll upload 1 Booty and 1 Core session designed to give you maximum results in minimal time. These sessions are carefully crafted to be under 20 minutes, averaging around 15 minutes, allowing you to fit them seamlessly into your busy schedule. How To Schedule: 1 Core 1 Booty session per week. 2 Core 2 Booty sessions per week. 1 Core 1 Booty 1 Core & Booty combo or just Combo your sessions them to maximise your time. Rest assured, these workouts are suitable for all postpartum women. I am so passionate about supporting you on your fitness journey that I would literally throw this program at you! If you're pregnant, don't worry. Most of the core sessions and all of the booty classes are suitable for you too. Just make sure to read the class description for any specific details or modifications. To ensure you have the best experience, please review the class descriptions as some sessions may require specific equipment. Don't worry, I'll provide all the details you need to prepare and make the most out of each session. I'm excited to have you join me on your mat as we work towards activating those glutes and restoring your core strength. Let's create a stronger, more confident you together. See you in class! Xo

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