Pregnant belly

The Do's and Dont's during your pregnancy training

  • It is really important that you inform all exercise instructors of your pregnancy even if you are not showing yet, as they will need to modify some of the exercises.

  • Do not train to exhaustion. Always work to a max of 70% of your maximum effort. (You may feel like you can push that little more but remember your body is working over time already. The talk test will help you monitor your effort levels i.e you should always be able to have a conversation during any exercise during your pregnancy.

  • Always squat through your pregnancy. Squats will automatically work your pelvic floor and can be a great birthing position where you are likely to be in for a long time.

  • Avoid any front facing exercises i.e planks/floor pushups. These exercises can apply a lot of pressure on your abdomen. 

  • Keep hydrated during your exercise and have a piece of fruit post training.

  • It is important to not over heat during your exercise. Absolutely no hot yoga or pilates, no training in hot conditions and wear breathable fitness clothing.

  • Now is not about pushing yourself, it is about maintaining what you already and making adjustments that need to be made to fit with your pregnancy. 

  • Laying on your back is not an absolute 'no go' but you have to listen to your body and your professional. I would advise that you do prop yourself up bit during exercise i.e using an bosu, step, exercise ball, cushion. 

  • Keep your training interesting! You do not have to just swim, yoga and pelvic floor... unless your doctor has said otherwise.

  • Work with a pre&post'natal professional i.e me! therefore you can check in every week and make alterations in your pregnancy exercise program! 


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