Women’s home live & on-demand workouts

New week New You... abit challenging with the reality we are facing today....minimal steps/ movement....?

You can still win! You can still get stronger! You can still stay on track or maybe even get into the best shape of your life-

Stronger inside & physically stronger.

I am a mother of two- juggling like a fricken clown but #mumlife what is new....

So here- check out my up-coming fitness schedule for my Live & on-demand home workouts- yes no matter where you are in the world you can join me/us..... a community of women Training at home online.

A few tips;

❥Create yourself a realistic schedule( you do not need to do every class🥰)

❥3 workouts a week is brilliant- anything on top of that is a bonus 😉

❥Workout so you feel good- like good good- not exhausted ( lots of under 20 min workouts now🙏🏼)

❥Remember your training is about you & only you 🙏🏼

Every session you take it in your own pace - hit the modifications if you feel strong there however step outside that box to test the water- you’ll be so surprised at yourself ☀️

Also I am popping a rule in for myself- Every last round I am going to stay silent & only give time ques- so I can really zone out with you! 💥

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Now here’s to this week 🙏🏼


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