Postnatal Core, Diastisis Recti & Pelvic floor 12 week exercise program

Live & Launched ❣︎❥❣︎ Postnatal core restore ❣︎❥❥❥❣︎

My 12 week #postnatalcore restore exercise program is up and ready to be purchased ahhhhhh.

Every thinggggggg I know about rehabbing your post baby tummy is in this program ❣︎❥

❥❣︎❥❣︎❥ YES

❥ Vaginal birth

❥ C-Section

❥ Diastisis Recti

❥ Prolaspe

This program is EVERYTHING I wished I had 🙏🏼.

What to expect:

❥ Every session is under 20 minutes

❥ First 2 weeks - 2 sessions a week

❥ Week 3 - progresses to 3 or you have the option to do just the 2.

❥ You are emailed on the day of workout

❥ I can see where you are 🥰

❥ Equipment : resistance band (on my website) and a cushion.

❥ Workouts are full videos with me

❥ 12 weeks

❥ You will also learn how to adapt this into your other training & reality.

❥ So many useful tips for our post birth / core restore recovery.

You can purchase via this link

❥❥❥❣︎ When I had my Carter ( first baby ) ❥❥❥❥ I promised myself I would never let another woman feel so lost/ fragile post birth and this- this is my way to do exactly that 🙏🏼🦋

❥ This program is Core restore - so you can use this as your core program as long side your own training or @kimmyfitnesslive for maximum results.

You can purchase this program directly from my website OR you have access to this if you subscribe to my exercise classes - link below

Expect a few giggles- from my professional 🍑 Woman to Woman - Mumma to Mumma 🙏🏼

Big big love


Ps you do not need to be early postpartum to do this program- your bubba can be 3 months of 30 years old + … 🙏🏼🥰

Please feel free to ask any questions as others may just be thinking the same 🥰🥰🥰

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