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“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

Don’t you just loveeee that motivation feeling- when you literally feel like you could do anything & everything…..all at the same time 🤟🏼 👑 Yuppppp!!!!! I do… 🍓

❣︎♥︎❥ Reality issss……. your motivation comes & goes… Obstacles come & go….. ❣︎❥ and this is life…. This is living 🙏🏼

Soooo I wanted to share how you can help yourself ❣︎❥

❣︎ Create a plan: a realistic plan & literally stick to it(easily said I know). BUT it has to be a REALISTIC plan.

Which means this might be 2-3 workouts a week with 2-3 school runs/walks? Or using the stairs instead of the lift.

The more you make your schedule REALISTIC I promise you the more you will be able to stick with it.

❣︎ Make small changes : I honestly use this phrase all the time- so many of us jump in- do everything at once & 💥 we just cannot maintain it.

Start with one or two small changes & once they start to feel part of your routine - you can then make one or two more. Ie waking up earlier ONE morning a week to hit a workout.

❣︎ Make yourself accountable: telling a friend/ your partner or your trainer what you are going to do will absolutely support you. For example I get my ladies in my @kimmyfitnesslive to ‘like’ the workouts they do so I can see who is doing what….👑

However, I do tell my ladies that ultimately I want them to do it for themselves ——— ❣︎ I want your babies to see their #supermumma not give up - I want my #strongwomen to really see/ feel their potential. Ahhhh I fricken love us women 👑

❣︎ Positive affirmations: my gosh —- the way we speak to ourselves ABSOLUTELY contributes to our output/energy. So many years of self doubt/sabotage/ negative language —- f that! That s needs/has to go.

❥❥❥❥❥ Don’t live your life hating your beautiful body- or comparing yourself to someBody else—- you are fricken you……… ❣︎

————- ❣︎

Just want to finish this with this quote…. 🙏🏼


“ Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go. “

Big love 👑s


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