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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It works. jumping or not jumping during your workouts- it works! Body changing- distressing -sweaty- feel good home workouts!

As a busy business mumma of two- training at home has been the most effective form of exercise I have done since become a mother.

I have been a personal trainer in london uk for over 12 years now- and when I became a mother I lost a lot of my work. The demand for classes were at times that were impossible for me to be away from my home but.....but! I knew this is what I wanted - needed- desired to do.

I love my job- but i didn't want to miss out on my babies- i mean of course I am running out of my door for me time whenever is possibleeeee...... But I wanted to really thrive in my career without missing time.

So ------- @kimmyfitnesslive happened. Yes

Online home exercise classes- .... no the wasting- straight to the point- sweat- challenging- body & mind changing home workouts.

This is all of my training - which means the workouts you are going to do with me are absolutely going to be so worth it.


I know how precious our free time is- and i will absolutely NOT watse it!

Now all i need you to do is bring your best- do your best and enjoy the sweat- discomfort and endorphins!

All you need to do is log-in -

Tune into my Live or Catch up - I always advise taking class at a time that suits you- So yes- create a schedule that is YOUR schedule.

Just like a business meeting/job you are going to dedicate that time to sweat and enhance/ feel good in that moment with me.

KIMMYFITNESS babbbyyyyy!!!!!

Whether you are a busy mumma- business woman-- home mumma- !!!!!! You will fricken love it!

You will rock it!

You will thrive!

This is about you ------

Bring it to your floor --- with me!

Lets do this---- Subscribe here


Then request to join;


You can also try an example of a class here: https://youtu.be/KFPWKGybpg0

Insight of what you are subscribing to here: https://youtu.be/63AimhiGobA

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